Protection Plans

Solutions for your peace of mind:

  • Environmental Protection

    Interior and Exterior Protection for your vehicle

    • Exterior Paint Sealants
      A professionally applied system maintains your vehicle’s “showroom new” paint finish
      Protects against weather-induced fading and loss of gloss
      Protects against damage from acid rain, bird droppings & tree sap
      Protects against permanent hard water etching & industrial fallout
    • Interior Fabric Sealants
      Fabric requires care and protection especially when it’s under constant use day-in and day-out
      Protects against water and oil based stains
      Extends the life of fabrics and carpets
    • Interior Vinyl & Leather Sealants
      Leather and vinyl not protected can be damaged by fast food stains. Harmful U.V. rays from the sun can also affect the appearance of your leather and vinyl
      Protection means added value for your vehicle.
  • Service Contract

    A Vehicle Service Contract can save you thousands of dollars on auto repairs. It covers repairs and parts replacement after a breakdown beyond the terms of your factory warranty. Plus, it’s easy and convenient and it can help you protect your investment.
    With the trend toward consumers keeping their vehicles longer, and most factory warranties expiring after three to four years, extended protection on a used vehicle is an important consideration. Vehicle Service Contracts provide the consumer with additional resources to help reduce the increasing out of pocket expenses caused by the complexity of today’s automotive technology.

  • GAP

    Don’t let negative equity catch you by surprise.
    In today’s market, when you finance a vehicle, it is common to owe more on the vehicle loan than your car is worth. If you experience a total loss to your vehicle, will your primary auto insurance settlement give you enough money to pay off your car loan or lease? Most auto policies will only cover the actual cash value of your vehicle, leaving you responsible for the difference. This difference could be thousands of dollars. The GAP Program helps cover the difference.

  • Anti-Theft Device

    Help protect your vehicle and your wallet from the unforeseen.
    A vehicle is stolen every 40 seconds in the United States. Many are never recovered.
    A vehicle thief will look for any way to steal your vehicle, and sometimes no matter what you do to prevent or deter vehicle theft, it can still happen. Installing devices that use electronic transmission technology can aid in the recovery of your vehicle in the event that it has been stolen. This electronic transmission technology has the potential to also help law enforcement reveal the location of other stolen vehicles-and possibility catch the thief in the act.

  • Road Hazard

    Everywhere you drive, you’ll find debris on the roads and plenty of obstacles to avoid. Even if you properly maintain your tires (which can generally handle the normal bumps and scrapes), inevitably you will encounter the unforeseen road hazard that can leave you with a tire in need of repair, or worst yet, the need for replacement.
    Road hazards! We’re all familiar with them; whether it’s a pothole or a lone nail that takes up residence in one of your tires. If your vehicle’s tires are damaged by an encounter with a road hazard, you could be left stranded, or have to come up with an unexpected hefty repair. Tire Manufacturers do not cover road hazard conditions when you purchase new tires for your vehicle. Some insurance companies may cover tire hazard for an extra fee, but will often raise the premiums on you at a later date. Purchasing a Road Hazard Tire Protection Plan is affordable and offers you the peace of mind.