Tracking Your Factory Order


Here is how you can track your factory order:

  • Stay in Touch with Your Order Specialist: Throughout the process, you can always reach out to your dedicated Order Specialist for updates and to have any questions answered.
  • Utilize Online Tools: You can also use online tools to track your vehicle using your VON (Vehicle Order Number), which can be found in your ordering paperwork along with the last name or business name it was submitted with.

Tracking Codes: Here is a list of lettering codes that indicate where your vehicle is in the manufacturing process:
C: Tentative schedule. Your order is considered “subfirm,” meaning the plant can see your order but has not fully committed to the build specifications.
D: Your order is “Firm,” and a VIN number has been assigned.
D1: Vehicle is sequenced for production with an estimated ship date.
E: Framing
F: Paint
G: Trim
I: Vehicle is built and pending final inspection.
JB: Vehicle is shipped to a body vendor for additional exterior body elements.
JS: Vehicle is shipped to storage, under the logistics team’s care for transport.
KZ: Released to plant and invoice. Ready for transport to begin.
KZM: Vehicle is in first rail departure.
KZS & KZT: Vehicle is in the second rail departure and heading to the final rail location (Port Allen, LA).
KZX: Vehicle has been delivered to the dealer. It has arrived at Bergeron and awaits the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) process.
When your vehicle arrives in Port Allen, LA, one of our Sales Managers will contact you to schedule conversations about final financing, taking delivery of the vehicle, and addressing any remaining items that may need attention. This ensures a smooth transition as your custom-built vehicle nears completion.