Why Buy from Bergeron?

Our Owners, Our Staff, Our Customers, Our Vendors…We’re All Bergerons. Here’s Why That Matters.


Bergeron is a family business, and we treat you like family. Our reputation really was built on honesty. Transparency. Family values. And, of course, knowing everything there is to know about the vehicles we sell. Even those we don’t. We have been in business for more than half a century not just because of what we sell, but how we sell it. Everybody knows that about Bergeron.

Investments in Customer Digital Experience

While it can take five seconds to fall in love with a vehicle, sometimes it can seem like it takes forever to get out of the dealership once you’ve made the buying decision. To get you on the road faster, Bergeron gives you all the purchasing tools you need early in the process–tools that make it so you can instantly get a value on your trade-in, get the latest finance and insurance product information, and start your financing application. It goes without saying that we take your data privacy very seriously and make every effort to protect it.

Financing Services and Trade-In Expertise

Nobody knows the automotive business like Bergeron. We have a proven track record of fairness and transparency and have always adapted to our customer’s needs and current market demands

No Hidden Fees

Transparency isn’t just ethical, it’s smart business. It’s how you build long-term relationships. Have you ever thought the deal was done, then showed up at a dealership only to be presented with a buyers order with added fees that were not disclosed online or over the phone? This won’t happen with us. Never has and never will.

Everybody knows Bergeron is different. We invite you to visit our showroom today.